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CLT100 is designed for the LRIT and SSAS. This contains a Orbcomm modem which uses 36 Low Orbit Satellites (825km altitude from ground) for data transmission network, and uses VHF band to transmit ship’s identification, location and time data.

In addition, CLT100 includes SSAS dfunction that is provided by Orbcomm systmen as an optional item. In the case installing SSMB, the CLT100 is able to use as complex system with LRIT + SSAS or SSAS only as user’s preference.

    Key Features:

  • Certified by KG
  • Meets IMO requirement MSC.210(81) & A.694(17)
  • Model name as CLT100 for LRIT only
  • Model name as CLT100S for SSAS only
  • Model name as CLT100(S) for LRIT + SSAS


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