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Satellite voice and data solution developed to enhance the offshore communication experience.

  • Cutting-edge filtration to ensure high bandwidth for primary corporate operations
  • Crew calling and data access even on small boats
  • Advanced consumption monitoring tools
  • Reducing communication costs by 30%
  • Orion Edge is available through monthly plans with no long-term contractual commitments

Orion Edge is a satellite voice and data solution developed by IEC Telecom to enhance the offshore communication experience. This technology offers high-quality voice and data services, bundled with consumption monitoring tools.

  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Online applications (email exchange, web browsing and downloads)
  • Crew-welfare programs (crew calling and data access)
  • Security management (tracking and video surveillance)


  • Powered by Thuraya Orion IP broadband terminal and Thuraya Seastar voice terminal
  • Equipped with Wan Optimizer, enabling TCP acceleration and compression to enhance end-user experience
  • Centralized filtering and reporting tool for control and better insight on usage
  • Light-weight, mobile compact racks
  • Non-critical usage can easily monopolise a link and weaken the security of the network compromising its ability to serve its original purpose
  • Orion Edge supports filtration capabilities that enable HQ to restrict usage of dedicated inks in order to ensure the availability of bandwidth for priority communication.


  • Providing crews with the means to connect with friends and family through social media platforms enhances productivity and morale.
  • Consumption-control via vouchers/scratch cards distributed among crew members
  • Adaptive maximum number of users based on the timing during the day (office and non-office timing), in order to prioritise corporate usage during office hours.


Orion Edge is available through monthly plans with no long-term contractual commitments. Special hardware offered by IEC Telecom keeps the fronted cost low. In combination with a suite of value -added services, Orion Edge helps bring the consumption budget down by 30%.

With a simple service suspension, Orion Edge enables customers to save while the vessel is stationed at the dry dock.


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