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    Technical Aspects:

  • Current a metal halide lamp using as fish gathering lamp is brighter than a incandescent light, a halogen light but have weakness such as strong heat, ultraviolet radiation, cause
    a skin burn, etc.
  • Only for fish gathering lamp expenses 60-65% of total oil expenses for a fish vessel and it also necessary to periodical exchange
  • A LED can be used semi-permanently whenever supply a power stably and have 50 times
  • A LED fish gathering lamp is possible to optimize through the control with a desirable wavelength and light intensity
  • Fishman’s healthcare due to no an ultraviolet radiation
  • Fire accident caused by a power Ballast can be protected
    Industrial – Economical Aspects:

  • The fishing vessel using a fish gathering lamp has a second or third power generators according to the number of lamp
  • LED lamp can make reduce at least 70% of an existing lamp power
  • The vessel installed the LED lamp can use an optimized small size power generator
    and this make higher energy saving and provide a space to fishman to rest
  • Total amount of oil expenses can be reduced approximately 50%
  • LED fish gathering lamp will contribute to energy saving and reducing CO2
  • Fishman’s earning increase


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